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ONE MEDIA is the largest internet media house in Macedonia, which owns a total of five popular internet portals.,,, and the portal The media group ONE MEDIA has also ownership of the production company and PR agency MEGASTAR (

Recently, Megastar founded the portal, which works in the field of internet e-commerce.

ONE MEDIA news portals have a total daily traffic of about 100,000 clicks.

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MEGASTAR PR is the largest public relations agency located outside the capital Skopje and is one of the largest in Macedonia. The agency has worked with several institutions and public figures.

News 1

NEWS1.MK is a national portal that handles news from Macedonia and the world. The portal applies a high level of professional and ethical standards in its operation.

Ohrid 1 is the first internet portal established by our company in 2008 and deals with local news from Ohrid. It is the most read and most relevant Ohrid media known for its exclusive news. is a news portal intended for news from Albania and all around the world. The portal applies a high level of professional and ethical standards in its operation. is a travel blog. Embark on a global adventure through captivating stories, insider tips, and breathtaking visuals, as we guide you to the world's most enchanting destinations. is a portal intended for lifestyle. It is focused on treating content from healthy food, sports, life, fitness, nature, architecture, fashion, travel.

Kriptovaluta is a news outlet focused on the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and how they impact our everyday life. is a news portal intended for news from Serbia and all around the world. 
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Ohrid Municipality

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Ohrid Summer Festival

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ONE MEDIA offers advertising and promotion of products, brands, services and locations to more than 100,000 people in a weekly basis.